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  • Featured Podcast on the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI).

    • ABI Resident Scholar Susan Hauser talks with Profs. Vidhan K. Goyal of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) and Wei Wang of the Queen's School of Business about their controversial paper, "Provision of Management Incentives in Bankrupt Firms." Profs. Goyal and Wang examine the use of key employee retention plans (KERPs) in bankrupt firms and discuss how the results of their empirical research do not support the common view that retention bonus plans enrich managers at the expense of creditors. Click here to listen.

  • Best Paper Award at the 2012 NTU International Conference on Finance, Taipei

  • The Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2012. "Study Finds Bankruptcy Bonuses Work", by Patrick Fitzgerald

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  • Lead article

  • Received Best Paper in International Finance Award at the FMA meetings, Reno, Nevada, 2009

  • Received Samsung Securities Co. Ltd Outstanding Paper Award at the 4th Annual Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, Seoul, December 2009

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  • Lead article

  • Citation of Excellence Award for 2013 (Given to the 50 most outstanding articles published by the top 300 management journals in the world).

  • NTU International Finance Conference Best Paper Award in Taipei, Taiwan, December 2004.

  • Top 3 downloaded articles in Financial Management (- April 2010)

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  • Featured in the NBER Reporter.

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  • Jensen Prize for the Best Paper Published in the Journal of Financial Economics in the Areas of Corporate Finance and Organizations (Second Place Winner)

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  • Winner of the HSBC Asset Management Hong Kong Competitive Research Award at the 1998 Pacific Basin Finance Conference.

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  • Lead Article

  • Featured in the Bowne Review for CFOs and Investment Bankers, 1999

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  • Received Fifth Annual PACAP Finance Conference Award in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 1993.

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