Conference Discussions


Discussion of "Banking on Carbon: Corporate Lending and Cap-and-Trade Policy" by Ivan Ivanov, Mathias S. Kruttli, and Sumudu W. Watugala, SFS Cavalcade 2021


Discussion of "Flexibility Costs of Debt: Danish Exporters During the Cartoon Crisis" by Benjamin U. Friedrich and Michal Zator, NFA 2020.


Discussion of "When Do Firms Risk Shift? Evidence from Venture Capital" by Matthew Denes, Finance Down Under 2018.


Discussion of "Corporate Financing in Asia through Bond Markets" by Gregory Duffee and Peter Hordahl, BOK - BIS Conference on Asia-Pacific Fixed Income Markets: Evolving Structures, Participation and Pricing, 2018


Discussion of "Banking the Unbanked: What do 255 Million New Bank Accounts Reveal about Financial Access?" by Sumit Agarwal, Shaswat Alok, Pulak Ghosh, Soumya Ghosh, Tomasz Piskorski, and Amit Seru. HKUST Finance Symposium 2017.


Discussion of "Corporate Governance Reform and Risk-Taking: Evidence from a Natural Experiment from an Emerging Market" by Santosh Koirala, Andrew Marshall, Suman Neupane, and Chandra Thapa. Journal of Corporate Finance Special Issue Conference, 2017.


Discussion of "Do Technology Spillovers Affect Corporate Financial Policies?" by Ambrus Kecskes and Phuong-An Nguyen. Financial Management Association Annual Meetings 2017.


Discussion of "The Choice between Project Finance and Corporate Financing" by Paulo P. Alves and Joao M. Pinto. Financial Management Association Annual Meeting 2017.


Discussion of "Why Do Boards Exist? Governance Design in the Absence of Corporate Law" by Mike Burkart, Salvatore Miglietta, and Charlotte Ostergaard. Financial Intermediation Research Society Meetings 2017.


Discussion of "The Impact of Bank Shocks on Firm-Level Outcomes and Bank Risk-Taking" by Hans Degryse, Olivier De Jonghe, Sanja Jakovljevic, Klaas Mulier, and Glenn Schepens. Financial Intermediation Research Society Conference 2017.


Discussion of "Do Market Prices Improve the Accuracy of Court Valuations in Chapter 11?" by Cem Demiroglu, Julian R. Franks, and Ryan Lewis. Finance Down Under 2017.


Discussion of "Reputation and Competition in the Credit Ratings Market: Evidence from Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities" by Ramin Baghai and Bo Becker. City University of Hong Kong International Finance Conference 2017.


Discussion of "Going Abroad in a Risky World: Geographic Diversification, Institutional Frictions, and Corporate Leverage" by Jongsub Lee, Leming Lin, and Andy Naranjo. China International Conference on Finance 2017.


Discussion of "Local Investors' Preferences and Capital Structure" by Binay K. Adhikari, David C. Cicero, and Johan Sulaeman. China International Conference on Finance 2017.


Discussion of "FX Hedging and Creditor Rights" by Madhusudhan Mohanty and Suresh Sundaresan.HKMA-BIS Conference on The Price, Real, and Financial Effects of Exchange Rates, 2017.


Discussion of "CSR Disclosure and the Choice between Public Debt and Bank Debt" by Weiqiang Tan, Hiu Leong Tsang, Wenminng Wang, and Wenlan Zhang. Asian Finance Association Conference 2017.


Discussion of "The Role of Trade Credit During the Recent Financial Crisis: Evidence from German Small, Medium, and Large-Sized Firms" by Jochen Lawrenz, Julia Oberndorfer, and Irene Riccabona. German Finance Association (DGF) Conference 2016.

InvestmentTaxesAnd CapitalStructure.pdf

Discussion of "Investment, Taxes, and Capital Structure: A Study of US Firms in the Early 1900s" by Leonce Bargeron, David J. Denis, and Kenneth M. Lehn. HKUST Corporate Finance Symposium 2015


Discussion of "When Heirs Become Major Shareholders: Evidence on Tunnelling and Succession Through Related Party Transactions" by Sunwoo Hwang and Woochan Kim. Korea America Finance Association Conference 2014.


Discussion of "Financial Flexibility and Corporate Cash Policy" by Tao Chen, Jarrad Harford, and Chen Lin. Asia Bureau of Finance and Economic Research Conference 2014.


Discussion of "Lending to Innovative Firms: The Role of Lender Expertise and Control Rights" by Sudheer Chava, Vikram Nanda, and Steven Xiao. HKUST Corporate Finance Symposium 2013.


Discussion of "Cultural Proximity and Loan Outcomes" by Raymond Fisman, Daniel Paravisini, and Vikrant Vig. The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya Conference 2012.